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Program Committees

Invited Talks & Panels

  • KI-Camp 2023: “Taking stock of AI’s carbon footprint: what do we know and how to reduce it” (lecture, Apr 2023, Berlin)
  • European Think Tank Conference: “Are AI standardization processes inclusive enough to deliver for everyone?” (poster, Oct 2022, Berlin)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Indo-German Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (invited attendee, Sep 2022, Bremen)
  • European Workshop on AI and the Public Interest at HIIG (organizer, June 2022, Berlin)
  • HIIG & DFKI research clinic “Bridging Explainability Gaps in Automated Decision-Making” (contributer, Sep 2021, Bad Belzig)
  • KI-Camp 2021: “Webinar AI in the Public Interest” (panelist, Feb 2021, Berlin)
  • “Access Request Advocacy & Research” Workshop (panelist & organizer, Dec 2019, Amsterdam)
  • PLSC-Europe 2019: “Privacy Discourse” (invited commentator, Oct 2019, Amsterdam)
  • Lorentz Workshop “Comprehensive System Innovation” (invited attendee, Oct 2019, Leiden)
  • TILTING 2019: “Access rights as a research tool” (panel chair, Apr 2019, Tilburg)
  • CPDP 2018: “Smartphones & Wearables as Connected Bioinformatics Hubs” (panelist, Jan 2018, Brussels)
  • dcypher Symposium on “Dutch National Cybersecurity Agenda” (panelist, Oct 2017, Utrecht)
  • Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, “Economics of Cybersecurity: From Theory to Application” (lecture, Jun 2016, Rome)
  • U of Amsterdam, IVIR, “Economics of Privacy & Security” (lecture, Jun 2016, Amsterdam)
  • U College London, CS, “Cybersecurity via Intermediaries” (lecture, May 2016, London)
  • European Commission, DG CONNECT, “Towards a future proof ePrivacy legal framework” Workshop (invited academic, Apr 2016, Brussels)
  • Princeton U CITP, “Where are the Privacy Enhanced Services for the Masses?” (lunch lecture, Mar 2016, Princeton NJ)
  • European Parliament “Protecting online privacy by enhancing IT security & strengthening EU IT capabilities” (consultation, Dec 2015, Brussels)
  • European Parliament & Maastricht U., “Protecting & Securing Data Across the Atlantic: a Bridge Too Wide” (panelist, Oct 2015, Brussels)
  • NSF-NWO Privacy Research Workshop (Consultation, Oct 2015, Washington DC)
  • Microsoft Digital Crimes Consortium, “Benchmarking Cybersecurity in Latin America” (discussion panel, Febr 2015, Miami FL)
  • Sadra University, “Python for Big Data Research” (lecture, Dec 2014, Tehran)
  • Institute for Programming research & Algorithmics, “Security Economics & the Underground Market” (lecture, Apr 2014, Putten)
  • European Commission, DG CONNECT eIDAS Task Force, “HTTPS Economics” (consultation, Jul 2013, Brussels)
  • Sadra University, “Information Security Economics” (lecture, Dec 2012, Tehran)
  • ECO Internet Security Days, “ISPs & Botnet Mitigation” (presentation, Sep 2011, Phantasialand Brühl)
  • Fox-IT, “Botnet Mitigation & the Role of ISPs” (tech talk, Oct 2010, Delft)
  • Cambridge U, “Botnet Mitigation & the Role of ISPs” (lecture, May 2010, Cambridge)

Board of Associations

In 2010-2012, I served on the boards of Promood, TU Delft’s PhD Council , and ISSTUD, the Iranian Student’s Association at Delft .

Last Update: Oct 2023.