My research is interdisciplinary and I publish in both computer science and policy journals and conferences.

Title Authors In, Year Media
On the Prevalence of Leichte Sprache on the German Web H. Asghari, F. Hewett, & T. Züger ACM WebSci, 2023 blog
The GDPR’s Rules on Data Breaches: Analysing their Rationales and Effects F. Zuiderveen Borgesius, H. Asghari, N. Banga, J-H Hoepman SCRIPTed, 2023 blog
Gekommen, um zu bleiben: Zur Frage, wie Gemeinwohlorientierung KI tragfähig sein kann T. Züger, H. Asghari, & J. Faßbender ZIVILGESELLSCHAFT 4.0, 2023  
Es gibt keinen Algorithmus gegen Hass T. Züger & H. Asghari (forthcoming)  
AI for the Public: How Public Interest Theory Shifts the Discourse on AI T. Züger & H. Asghari AI & Society, 2022  
Approximating Accessibility of Regions from Incomplete Volunteered Data H. Asghari, J. Stolberg-Larsen, & T. Züger ACM CHI, 2022  
What to explain when explaining is difficult. An interdisciplinary primer on XAI & meaningful information in automated decision-making H. Asghari, N. Birner, A. Burchardt, D. Dicks, J.Faßbender, N. Feldhus, F. Hewett, V. Hofmann, M. Kettemann, W. Schulz, J. Simon, J. Stolberg-Larsen, & T. Züger HIIG Working Paper Series, 2022  
HIIG at GermEval 22: Best of Both Worlds Ensemble for Automatic Text Complexity Assessment H. Asghari & F. Hewett KONVENS, 2022  
Measuring the Brussels Effect through Access Requests R. Mahieu, H. Asghari, C. Parsons, J. van Hoboken, M. Crete-Nishihata, A. Hilts, & S. Anstis Journal of Information Policy, 2021  
Amplifying Privacy: Scaling up Transparency Research through Delegated Access Requests H. Asghari, T. van Biemen, & M. Warnier IEEE Technology & Consumer Protection, 2021 (best paper)
More Than a Suspect: An Investigation into the Connection Between Data Breaches, Identity Theft, and Breach Notification Laws F. Bisogni & H. Asghari Journal of Information Policy, 2020  
The Impact of User Location on Cookie Notices (Inside and Outside of the EU) R. Van Eijk, H. Asghari, P. Winter, & A. Narayanan IEEE Technology & Consumer Protection, 2019  
Responsibility for Data Protection in a Networked World – On the Question of the Controller, ‘Effective and Complete Protection’ and Its Application to Access Rights R. Mahieu, J. van Hoboken, & H. Asghari Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology & E-Commerce Law, 2019  
Micro-Targeting and ICT media in the Dutch Parliamentary system: Technological changes in Dutch Democracy H. Hazenberg, H. van den Hoven, S. Cunningham, M. Alfano, H. Asghari, E. Sullivan, A. Ebrahimi Fard, & E. Turcios Rodriquez Netherlands State Commission on the Parliamentary System, 2018  
Collectively Exercising the Right of Access: Individual Effort, Societal Effect R. Mahieu, H. Asghari, & M. van Eeten Internet Policy Review, 2018 Engadget Argos
Using Crowdsourcing Marketplaces for Network Measurements: The Case of Spoofer Q. Lone, M. Luckie, M. Korczyński, H. Asghari, M. Javed, M. van Eeten Network Traffic Measurement & Analysis Conference, 2018  
The Right-of-Access as a Tool for Privacy Governance H. Asghari, R. Mahieu, P. Mittal, & R. Greenstadt Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, 2017  
Estimating the Size of the Iceberg from its Tip: an investigation into unreported data breach notifications F. Bisogni, H. Asghari, & M. van Eeten Workshop for Economics of Information Security, 2017  
The Economics of Cybersecurity(mirror) H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, & J. Bauer Handbook on the Economics of the Internet, 2016  
Cybersecurity via Intermediaries: Analyzing Security Measurements to Understand Intermediary Incentives and Inform Public Policy H. Asghari TU Delft Doctoral Dissertation, 2016  
A Time-dependent SIS-model for Long-term Computer Worm Evolution (mirror) M. Märtens, H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, & P. van Mieghem IEEE Conference on Communications & Network Security, 2016  
Evaluating the Impact of AbuseHUB on Botnet Mitigation M. van Eeten, Q. Lone, G. Moura, H. Asghari, & M. Korczyński arXiv preprint, 2016  
Post-Mortem of a Zombie: Conficker Cleanup After Six Years H. Asghari, M. Ciere, & M. van Eeten USENIX Security Symposium, 2015 CW Video
Economics of Fighting Botnets: Lessons From a Decade of Mitigation H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, & J. Bauer IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, 2015  
How Dynamic is the ISPs Address Space? Towards internet-wide DHCP churn estimation G. Moura, C. Ganan, Q. Lone, P. Poursaied, H. Asghari, M. van Eeten IFIP Networking Conference, 2015  
Security Collapse in the HTTPS Market A. Arnbak, H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, & N. van Eijk Communications of the ACM, 2014 vizthink
Why Them? Extracting Intelligence about Target Selection from Zeus Financial Malware Tajalizadehkhoob, H. Asghari, C. Gañán, & M. van Eeten Workshop on Economics of Information Security, 2014  
Deep Packet Inspection: Effects of Regulation on Its Deployment by Internet Providers H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, J. Bauer, & M. Mueller Telecommunications Research Policy Conference, 2013  
Internet Measurements and Public Policy: Mind the Gap H. Asghari, M. van Eeten,& M. Mueller USENIX Cyber Securtiy Experimentation & Test, 2013  
Conducting Research Using Data of Questionable Provenance — Panel Report H. Asghari ;login, 2013  
Security Economics in the HTTPS Value Chain H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, A. Arnbak, & N. van Eijk Workshop on Economics of Information Security, 2013  
Dimensioning the Elephant: an Empirical Analysis of the IPv4 Number Market M. Mueller, B. Kuerbis, & H. Asghari Digital Policy, Regulation & Governance, 2013 Ars Technica
Unravelling the Economic and Political Drivers of Deep Packet Inspection H. Asghari, M. van Eeten, & M. Mueller Global Internet Governance Academic Network, 2012  
Deep Packet Inspection and Bandwidth Management: Battles over BitTorrent in Canada and US (mirror) M. Mueller, & H. Asghari Telecommunications Policy, 2012 Ars Technica
ISPs and Botnet Mitigation: A Fact-Finding Study on the Dutch Market M. van Eeten, H. Asghari, J. Bauer, & S. Tabatabie Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2011 BBC
The Role of ISPs in Botnet Mitigation: An Empirical Analysis Based on Spam Data M. van Eeten, J. Bauer, H. Asghari, & S. Tabatabie OECD Working Papers, 2010  
Botnet Mitigation and the Role of ISPs: a Quantitative Study H. Asghari TU Delft Master Thesis, 2010 DW
RoboCup Rescue Simulation Team Kosar Agent Competition. M. ZamaniTabar, S. Falsafy, H. Asghari, & V. Valizadeh RoboCup Competitions, 2006  

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